Medical Standby Services

Medical Standby Services



Sporting Events


When a member of your team suffers an injury, we can provide immediate care, providing care to that athlete, and peace of mind to you and the audience.  You can take comfort in knowing our professional staff are providing high quality care. 


We are experienced in providing care at hockey games, rodeos, and other sporting events, and can provide ambulance standby services at your event, never leaving you waiting for local EMS services to arrive. 


Concerts and Social Events


Having our uniformed staff at your event shows your clients that you care about their well-being and safety at your event.  You can rest assured that should an illness or injury take place, experience, qualified medical practitioners are on site, ready to handle the situation in a professional and timely manner. 


Our team has been providing standby medical services for concerts and large events, and can provide that extra level of protection to your event, too. 





Ask what insurance they carry—some services assume that they are covered, because they are volunteer fire departments or other services.  They may not have the right insurance to provide care at your event! 


Ask if they transport patients—only Alberta Health Services can approve a service to transport, and, they also have to have a specific Emergency Health Services approval number to transport.  This also requires additional insurance.  Make sure you ask! 


Ask what the staff’s level of training is—just because they arrive in an ambulance does not mean that they have the training you may need at your event.  Ask if all staff are registered and in good standing with the Alberta College of Paramedics.  As there are three recognised levels of emergency care in Alberta, also ask if staff are Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), or Paramedic. 


Ask if they have a Medical Director.  If a medical practitioner is not working under a designated Medical Director, they CANNOT provide any care higher than basic first aid. 


Unfortunately, there are services which will provide first aid staff who are not sufficiently trained or experienced in providing emergency care. 


Get the right level of care and protection at your event—protect yourself and ask the questions!

Not sure what you need?  Just ask!  We will work with you to find the right solution. 

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